IMP Planner

The only purpose-built MAT budgeting, forecasting and reporting tool

We know – like us – you’re tired of school-focused budgeting, forecasting and reporting software that doesn’t fit the complexity of MAT financial management.

That’s why we created IMP Planner. Unify all of your data with the most powerful budget management software available.

Powerful yet hassle-free forecasting

IMP Planner automates the process by combining finance, forecast and payroll data to ensure you’re always able to accurately and efficiently predict your year-end outturn – while automatically shaping your 5-year forecast.

Gain control and agility

IMP Planner provides a uniquely MAT-based approach to budgeting, forecasting and reporting. We hold all your data centrally, giving you the tools to make changes across all your schools – instantly.

Multi-level reporting

Because we hold all your budget data centrally, accurate and specific reports are ready at the click of a button. Our reporting suite allows you to run and re-run reports as you choose by schools, by hub, or MAT-level – we give you the power to choose.

Frequently asked questions

We don’t just send you a spreadsheet for a system you don’t know how to use and ask you to populate it, our bespoke implementation process is run by our in-house team of MAT system experts. They’ll take your best available data in whatever format you have it and get to work, checking in regularly to make sure things like budget calculators and staffing calculations are working in the way you expect.

Unlike other systems which treat schools as silos and have consolidation reports added around the edges, Planner is built specifically for MATs. All schools sit within the same pot of data using a single set of centrally controlled assumptions and budget drivers. With unrivalled visibility of your school budgets, Planner allows MATs to maintain agility and control amid an ever changing financial landscape.

Through an iterative approach, Planner utilises intelligent functionality to take away the manual and laborious task of monthly reforecasting. Notes are embedded into reports and actuals are pulled in at a transaction level from your finance system meaning all of your forecasting and reporting work takes place inside Planner. Each monthly forecast has its own dataset which can be used to demonstrate and explain how your position is changing month to month.

We work with MATs of all different shapes and sizes. Some GAG pool, others top-slice. Some are centralised with others completely decentralised. No matter the approach Planner is completely flexible, handling your MAT's reporting structures and evolving with you over time should your approach to financial management change.

Including Trust-wide forecast oversight, granular staffing details, KPI’s, multi-year budget summaries and monthly forecast reports, we have a significant number that can be used to support with the preparation and analysis of budgets and forecasts. Every report is consolidated but can be run by hub, school type or for an individual school.

We have automated integration with Iris Financials (PSF), Sage line 200 and Hoge 100. We work with all other finance systems and create bespoke conversion templates to ensure that no manual rework is required before using our custom import/export routines.

We’re proud to be rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot by IMP Software customers, you can read the reviews in full here. We also have a host of great case studies which you can view here.

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