It's MAT finance. Without the faff.

It's MAT finance. Without the faff.

We build software specifically for multi-academy trusts that will transform how you manage your budgets.

We build software specifically for multi-academy trusts that will transform how you manage your budgets.

IMP customer Amanda Hodder, CFOO, Emmaus Catholic MAC graphic. Quote popped out reading "We've never looked back""

We're the system of choice for 450+ trusts and 4500+ schools

Do these challenges sound familiar?

If you’re tired of any of this faff, we’ve got the solutions.

Our customers love using IMP products

For us, it’s all about our customers and the difference our products make to them. Hear what they have to say about us. 

Our solutions

IMP Planner: Built just for MATs Automated budget calculations Granular control and oversight MAT level scenario planning Accurate and automated forecasting Naturally consolidated reporting

Powerful budget management software

Designed specifically for multi-academy trusts and packed with robust capabilities, IMP Planner is the ultimate budget management software.

IMP Planner: Advanced Financial Planning for MATs

IMP ICFP: Integrated staffing data No manual spreadsheets Multi-year capabilities Include external staff Always up to date

Integrated curriculum and financial planning software

Maximise educational success by ensuring the effective deployment of resources across your trust. Use IMP ICFP to help design the best curriculum that you can afford.

The leading Integrated Curriculum Financial Planning platoform

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Our team of experts provide a range of MAT finance related information, news, and advice. So, what’s new?

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Trust leaders call on the new government to support MAT financial sustainability, as the first IMP Software MAT CFO Insights Survey is published

The MAT Finance Show

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MAT Budgeting 101: How to achieve a cohesive approach across your schools

Our customers love using IMP products. Hear what they have to say.

To find out how our products can transform your financial management book a free no obligation demo with our team of experts.

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With IMP you know where you are and where you could be.

Graham Newbery | Trust Manager | Cornerstone Academy Trust

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It takes away the stess.

Amanda Hodder | CFO and COO  | Emmaus Catholic MAC

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It's taken the headache out of BFR completely.

Sue Prickett | CFO and COO | SENDAT

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It'll make your life so much easier!

Chris Christoforou | CFO | Excelsior MAT

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As close to the perfect system as you'll find.

Simon Eakins | Finance Director | Cathedral Schools Trust

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The chat support function is amazing.

Amanda Wilkinson | Chief Finance Officer | The Creative Learning Partnership Trust

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It makes it a lot easier.

Carol Chapman | Chief Operating Officer | The First Federation Trust

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Knowing the financial impact helps to make better decisions.

Deborah Cole | Head of Finance | King Edward VI Academy Trust Birmingham

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You can be more confident in the data set.

Nicola Gordon | Director of Finance and People | Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust

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IMP have always listened to our ideas about how to develop the system.

Zoey Davey | Chief Finance Officer | Bath and Wells MAT

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